Milllet Mill Machine

High Technology Millet Milling Machine
High Technology Millet Milling Machine

High Technology Millet Milling Machine

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Installation area12mx3mx5m13mx3mx5m14mx3mx5m15mx3mx5.5m20mx4mx6m

  1. Reasonable processing technology

  2. High rate of rice: the rate of rice can reach 72%.

  3. Pro-environment :We use the cyclone dust collector, to make sure the dust concentration≤10mg/m³

  4. Smooth operation

  5. Low noise

  6. Remarkable economical benefit

Millet milling machine is used for making fine millet such as gold millet .The complete equipment include three part:

Use magnetic selector removing the metal
The vibrating screen is used for separating other impurities.
Destoner is used for removing the stone.
Use the paddy husker separating the shell and use the polishing machine make the millet brightly.

 Use the suction separator separating the light impurities.

 Use the color sorter screening the fine millet.
4. Packing 
Automatic packing scale is used for packing the millet.

Millet Milling Machine

Delivery time:20 days after pay for the deposit.

Packing: shipping container

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